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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Mar 9, 2021

Episode: 174

Title: Get Referrals With 7L in B2B

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guest: Josh Dougherty

Description: A copy of (7L) was gifted to our guest today, Josh Dougherty with Xperience Benefits, several years ago. He read it.....and put it on the shelf. It wasn’t until fall of 2019 when he was invited to Referral Mastery Summit that it all came together. And ever since then he’s been on a rocket ship! Listen to how Josh uses the strategies of (7L) in his B2B business and:
* How he generates Genergy to start new business relationships
* His proven follow up method that practically guarantees referrals
* Scripts that he uses daily in his business that generates the RIGHT referrals
* Why he infuses FUN into all aspects of his business
This episode is for all small business owners, no matter your industry! If you are tired of your daily grind, jealous of other business owners that are having fun and just want a change.....this is your episode!

(7L) Referral Strategies and Podcast Topics:

Special Offer: Also, if you need advice on your health insurance plan or are looking to implement benefits for your company....Josh is your guy. Contact him at today!

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