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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Apr 4, 2023

Nothing builds and solidifies client and community relationships quite like events do. If we make them fun and quirky, they won’t only be memorable for attendees, but they will also help us get more connections, introductions and referrals. 


How do we come up with unique event ideas and titles? How can we work with other business owners to make them happen? 


In this episode, Money Life Coach and the founder of FIX it CHANGE it, Sonya Colliver shares how she’s driving value through events. 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


Low-cost strategies for throwing together an event

How can you collaborate with other business owners and sponsors to put your event together?


How to make networking fun

From “Love You a Latte” to “Gumbo and Goals” how do we come up with engaging event ideas that represent our brand and personalities?  


The secret to keeping the energy up at events 

Is it a great idea to skip tables and chairs at an event? 

Key Quotes - 2 additional quotes for quote graphics only


When you connect people, it leads to more connections, introductions and referrals for you. -Michael Maher  


One of the reasons people’s businesses don’t have success is they don’t know how to promote and market themselves. -Michael Maher  


Half the fun of an event is making up the title and being creative with it. -Michael Maher 


Guest Bio


Sonya is a Money Life Coach and the founder of FIX it CHANGE it. Nearly 78% of Americans are paycheck to paycheck. At FIX it CHANGE our mission is to help analyze your situation and provide a simple step by step plan that will help you learn to manage your money for a better life. For more information, head to and send an email to to get in touch. 


Episode: 287

Title: Get on the Event Train: How to Put Together a Great Business Gathering w/Sonya Colliver

Host: Michael J. Maher