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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Sep 26, 2023

Hosting regular, well-executed events doesn’t just get people to talk about us, which benefits our businesses and referrals. At their core, these events make our towns or neighborhoods better places to live, they foster connection and give people something to look forward to several times a year.


It means we never have to worry about the source of our next piece of business and we can focus on making each experience better than before.


What steps can we take to make our events more memorable? How do we come up with themes that will make people really want to attend?


In this episode, Scott “The Mortgage Doc” Edwards, shares what he’s learned through his events this year.

If you’ve never done an event, it’s great to be in a room with people that are doing events - it makes pulling that trigger easier. -Scott Edwards


Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


-The greatest thing about events

If our event is centered on a movie, how do we actually make it a connecting experience so people don’t just watch and leave?


-Removing choke points and hold ups

How do we use feedback from the last event to make the next one better?


-Make your town a happier place

How do we make our annual event schedule predictable, but also sporadic enough that it builds in excitement and anticipation?


-Getting stakeholders on board

If we have sponsors, how do we make sure we’re actually adding value to them?


Guest Bio

Scott “The Mortgage Doc” Edwards is a Mortgage Advisor with more than 10 years of experience. The time-tested lessons that come with multiple years in the industry have helped fashion Scott Edwards into a seasoned professional. There are simply too many things that you can’t learn in a book—and that’s why it helps to have a mortgage professional in your corner, advising you every step of the way. With years of learning, adapting, and building a strong reputation—not to mention plenty of happy clients, Scott Edwards is ready to share that experience with you. But it’s more than bullet points in the resume that make Scott so special to work with. Clients enjoy the professionalism, the upbeat and friendly attitude, the willingness to go the extra mile. After all, this is essentially a people business. To succeed, you’ll need someone who understands the mindset it requires to find the best possible solution for clients. Working with Scott Edwards, you’ll discover that not only does their experience matter—but the experience you have when you work together is paramount. For more information, go to


Episode: 308

Title: How to Grow Your Business by Creating 'Talk-About' Events in Your Town w/Scott Edwards

Host: Michael J. Maher