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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Oct 10, 2023

Building a community online can be a daunting task. On top of that, deciding if Facebook groups are the right avenue for lead gen only adds to the uncertainty.


Many people aren’t sure where to begin, how to grow their reach, and most importantly, maintain an engaged community. It's frustrating to invest time and effort into creating a Facebook group, only to see it fail to generate leads.


How do we not only start and set up a Facebook group, but also to grow it into a thriving community that becomes a reliable source of leads for our businesses? Can these groups be of help when it comes to both the professional and personal aspects of our lives?


In this episode, expert in leveraging Facebook groups for lead gen, Laura Griffin joins me to talk about best practices, and tips to make your Facebook group a valuable business asset.


If people can see you in video, you translate better. -Laura Griffin


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


-Don’t make money your first intention

Why should we start Facebook groups to grow, learn and lead rather than for the sole purpose of making a commission? 


-Connecting with your group

How can we connect with your group in both a personal and professional way?


-How can we do things differently?

How can we nurture our groups and curate content with a purpose? 


Guest Bio


Laura Griffin specializes in helping growing families find more room to grow in Loudoun County and the surrounding areas. She has provided expert service to nearly 150 families and is passionate about matching clients with their dream homes in an area known for its scenic beauty and convenient proximity to Washington, DC.

Top 5 Secret FaceBook Group Posts Guaranteed to Get You Sales:

Webinar about FaceBook Groups:


Laura fell in love with Northern Virginia in 2010, after moving from California with her husband, who is retired from the United States Air Force. She is a founding leader of The Loudoun Moms, which is a group of approximately 10,000 mothers in Loudoun County. Laura’s strong local network gives her an edge when it comes to both buying and selling homes.


Laura is backed by the full-service real estate brokerage firm Pearson Smith Realty and she is licensed in Virginia.


Follow Laura on Instagram @lauragriffinrealtor

Find Laura on Facebook @LauraGriffinRealtor

Subscribe to Laura’s YouTube Channel @loudounlivingwithlauragriffin


Episode: 310

Title: Creating a Facebook Group for Referrals: A DC Mom's Success Story w/Laura Griffin

Host: Michael J. Maher