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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Nov 21, 2023

The pressure to secure referrals in a competitive real estate market can be overwhelming. Seeing potential referrals slip away due to ineffective strategies can get extremely frustrating.


In a competitive market where everyone is vying for success, the challenge lies in not just maintaining friendly relationships but transforming them into reliable referral relationships.


How do we build a reputation for being the go-to agent who goes the extra mile? Can we get people to recognise us for our efforts? How can we turn ordinary friendships into a consistent source of referrals.


In this episode, concierge Realtor, productivity coach and speaker, Tara Carter joins me to talk about networking stacks and the endless opportunities in having one-on-one’s.


Consistency is going to lead to this ferocious intensity at some point. -Michael J Maher


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


-Consistency leads to intensity 

Sometimes our efforts may not have immediate results. How do we learn to play the long game? 


-The 7-year follow up

You never know when follow up is going to pay off. Why do we have to commit to nurturing our relationships? 


-The power of pre-inspections

Why are pre-inspections so helpful when it comes to listing a home?


Guest Bio


With years of hospitality management, new construction, and marketing under her belt, Tara is one of the most sought after Realtors in the Coral Springs / Ft. Lauderdale FL area. Her team's closings are almost 100% referral, and credits the success of that to the (7L) strategies that ‘feed her soul.’ Tara is also a Founding Member of Michael J. Maher’s Certified Referral Trainers. 


Tara is known among her peers as a trailblazer for ideas, ethical business and leading the industry in love, generosity and appreciation.

Even though Tara has been given many wonderful titles by the business world, the titles that mean the most to her are daughter and godmother.


Call Tara on 954-661-6990

Follow Tara on Instagram @mstaracarter

Find Tara on LinkedIn @Tara D Carter 


Episode: 316

Title: The Secret to Turning Relationships Into Referral Success w/Tara Carter

Host: Michael J. Maher