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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Jan 16, 2024

In the competitive realm of real estate, one of the persistent challenges agents face is the struggle to consistently prospect, and attract potential buyers through open houses.


The traditional approach to open houses often lacks innovation, making it challenging to stand out in a crowded market. Peyson Robertson did it with 190 open houses in 190 days. It sounds crazy, but his approach made it possible to prospect with success.


How do we consistently draw in a crowd like Peyson and his team? What strategies can we employ to not only attract people, but also build lasting brand recognition?


In this episode, team lead at The Obsidian Group, Peyson Robertson joins me to talk about his open house process, why we should stay consistent and how he reached his goal of 100 open houses in 100 days.

If you want to change your life, you have to change something you do daily. -Michael J Maher


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Get noticed and known 

How did Peyson and his team use open houses to build and maintain brand recognition?


-The importance of follow up

Why should we follow up consistently? What are some of the questions we can ask?


-Buyer state of mind

How do we help a wandering and wondering buyer get focused?


Guest Bio


You’ll never catch real estate agent, Peyson Robertson with his back against the wall in his personal or professional life. Rising from humble beginnings, he continues pushing himself to the limit with a relentless work ethic and competitive spirit in everything he does.


Short-term rentals, single-family homes, and luxury real estate are a few of Peyson’s specialties at The Obsidian Group, located in the Coachella Valley in California.


Peyson Robertson is a highly skilled real estate professional, with a deep understanding of the desert and a passion for helping his clients achieve their real estate goals. Growing up in the desert, Peyson has developed a keen sense of the local market and built a vast network of industry connections.


As the team lead of his group, Peyson is known for his ability to sell a wide variety of properties, from single-family homes to luxury homes and investment properties. With three investment properties of his own, Peyson has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to make smart investments in the real estate market.


When Peyson isn’t busy helping clients navigate the home buying and selling process, he can be found practicing jiu-jitsu, going to the gym, playing golf, reading books, traveling, or watching movies.


Follow Peyson on Instagram @peyson.robertson 

Find Peyson on LinkedIn @Peyson Robertson 

Contact Peyson on 760-702-4667


Episode: 324

Title: 190 Open Houses in 190 Days...and Counting! 70x ROI! What Does it Take and What Can We Learn? w/Peyson Robertson

Host: Michael J. Maher