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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Jan 30, 2024

In a competitive business landscape, entrepreneurs overlook the power of launch parties and grand openings. Not taking the time to make that memorable first impression is a huge missed opportunity and even a huge setback.


That’s where a grand opening event comes in.


It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase our businesses and services, connect with the local community, and imprint ourselves in people’s minds.


Is it true that it’s not too late to host a grand opening? What does it take to host a successful event as such? How can a grand opening help us introduce ourselves to the community?


In this episode, agent Parker Smith joins me to talk about his experience hosting an incredibly successful grand opening. We also talk about the Golden Ticket Strategy from Event Mastery as well as the 5 year automated follow up campaign and how it adds value.


Doing something different for a grand opening is a great segue to introduce yourself to a lot of people. -Parker Smith 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


-The fears of hosting a grand opening

What are some of the fears people face when planning a grand opening or launch?


-The ultimate intro

Can events such as grand openings and launches serve as a great introduction into a community?


-Figuring out the biggest opportunity

How do we figure out our biggest opportunities when hosting these events?


Guest Bio


Parker Smith is the force behind the Parker Smith State Farm Agency, a venture he established in 2017 with a clear mission – to provide outstanding insurance services and safeguard the assets of his beloved South Carolina community.


Since becoming a licensed insurance agent with State Farm in 2015, he has been dedicated to ensuring the well-being of his clients. Parker is not only a seasoned professional but also an alumnus of Clemson University, holding both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Communication Studies.


Beyond his professional pursuits, Parker is a family man. His wife, Mary Pat, a fellow Clemson graduate, heads up community outreach at the United Way. Together, they navigate the joys of parenthood with their energetic golden-doodle, Harvey, and their newest addition to the family, son Curtis, born in 2020.


Find Parker on LinkedIn @Parker Smith 


Episode: 326

Title: What if Jake from State Farm Took Event Mastery?  Would he get Referrals? w/Parker Smith

Host: Michael J. Maher