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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Jun 11, 2024

New real estate agents have a hard time building a client base, especially when they're not well-known in the area. Starting in a new city with no connections can be daunting.

Clients won't just come knocking on your door, which makes the challenge even greater. In order to establish credibility in the market, proactive steps must be taken.

The big question is: how you can successfully organize an event in a new city with no prior connections. What strategies can be used to get sponsors on board for your first event?

In this episode, I talk with Jack Zgiet, a new agent, who shares his journey of making use of personal interests and local events to build relationships and generate referrals. Who knew initiating connections and building trust through creative events like Cuatro de Mayo could make a difference in the community?

"Being new and inexperienced, I know people could smell it on me. So, I changed my approach and thought, “How can I help this person get into the home where they want to build their lives?” -Jack Zgiet

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

-How To Use Personal Interests to Network

Engaging in activities you love can be a powerful way to meet like-minded people and potential clients. How can you turn casual gym conversations into real estate referrals?

-Organize Creative Events

Themed events can attract attendees and generate business leads. Why is planning ahead and using a structured system like Event Mastery crucial for success?

-Identify and Engage Sponsors

Partnering with local businesses can help minimize costs and create mutually beneficial relationships. Where can you find sponsors, and how does it benefit both parties?

Guest Bio

Jack Zgiet is a passionate and dedicated real estate agent based in the Kansas City area. Originally from St. Louis, Jack brings a unique blend of expertise, integrity, and personalized service to every client interaction. As a newcomer to both the city and the real estate profession, Jack has quickly made a name for himself by leveraging his love for community events and sports to build connections and generate referrals. With a focus on generosity and relationship-building, Jack is committed to helping clients find their perfect homes while growing his presence in the local market. 

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Episode: 345

Title: Cuatro de Mayo Happy Hour: How to Earn 8 Referrals As a Brand Spanking New Agent w/Jack Zgiet

Host: Michael J. Maher