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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Nov 19, 2020

Episode: 151

Title: He’s on Pace to Write 1,000 Handwritten Notes This MONTH

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guest: Dave Debruyn

Description: So, what does it take to write 1,000 handwritten notes in the month of, Notevember as we call it in GenGen? INTENTION! Our guest today is Dave Debruyn, a Realtor out of Grand Rapids, MI, and he’s a long time member of the Generosity Generation. In fact he won our first ever Notevember Challenge in 2011 by writing over 600 notes! And now in 2020 he’s on pace to write 1,000 this month.

Listen in as Michael and Dave discuss who he writes to, how he comes up with what to write, what PS to put on each note so they contact him back, and more!

(7L) Referral Strategies and Podcast Topics: Notes, Intention, Notevember, 

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