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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Jul 11, 2023

In a world that's so fast-paced, we need to slow down and nurture strong connections with the people around us. We need to be willing to engage with people in and out of our circle, but first, we must connect with ourselves.


How are strong connections built? What does it mean to be genuinely curious? How does building these connections help us when it comes to business and referrals?


In this episode, Certifed Referral Trainer (CRT), and real estate agent Grant Muller joins me to talk about the importance of having human connections and how it helped change his life.


We also talk about his book Top Of Heart: How A New Approach To Business Saved My Life, And Could Save Yours Too and the experiences he had to work through to get where he is today.


In business and sales relationships, we focus too much sometimes on being in front of people rather than with them. -Grant Muller


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


- Real vs. relevant

Being real and authentic has never been more important. What makes the real stand out?


- The yearning for human connection

Why is human connection so powerful?


- Right strategy, wrong motivation

What happens when we action out the right strategy but with the wrong motivation? 


Guest Bio


Grant Muller is a Certified Referral Trainer and real estate agent on a mission to help high achievers who have tried every tool and tactic to sell more, achieve more, and find more fulfillment, but aren't quite making the progress they desire. Grant knows what it takes to sell, and sell well, and it all starts with a heart-centered approach. He volunteers on the board of One Colorado to ensure all of us have a seat at the table. When he's not coaching or working in real estate, you can find Grant competing with his horse and enjoying downtime with his husband and Pomeranians.


Find Grant on Instagram @thegrantmuller 

Buy Top of Heart: How a new approach to business saved my life, and could save yours too here on Amazon


Episode: 297

Title: Connect With Self, Connect With Others: The Key to Great Business Relationships w/Grant Muller

Host: Michael J. Maher