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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Sep 19, 2023

Most people think becoming referable is a long process that takes months or even years, but instant credibility and connection are possible.


If you’re committed to growth, generosity and love, you can accelerate your referability, and turn people you’ve just met into raving fans.


What are the secrets of the instantly referable? What do agents need to be more referable? In this episode, SVP of agent development at eXp Realty, Kirtus Dixon shares how to ramp up your referability. 


The conversations of yesterday aren’t selling and moving the properties of today. Before you even earn the right to make a recommendation, you have to have increased your skill set, knowledge, and tool set. -Kirtus Dixon 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


-Video penpals 

How can you build a relationship without the ease of being one-to-one, face-to-face all the time? 


-Quadruple down on connection

What would you do if you knew that every person in your sphere was lonely?


-Your growth levels determines your approach 

How do we improve the quality of questions we ask ourselves?


Guest Bio


Kirtus Dixon is the Senior Vice President of agent development at eXp Realty. He has 20 years of experience as a trained problem solver and business builder. With a passion for real estate education and business operations as well as a unique background as a technology entrepreneur, educational content creator, sales executive, and an engineer, Kirtus is a visionary leader and proven integrator. He has become adept at the science of problem solving, solution development, implementation and execution. His current personal passions are traveling with his family, coaching basketball, trying to live a predominantly plant based lifestyle and learning new technologies. Get your ticket to eXpCon 2023 here. (


Episode: 307

Title: From 0 to Massively Referable in 30 Minutes or Less w/Kirtus Dixon

Host: Michael J. Maher