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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Oct 17, 2023

The prolonged social isolation of the pandemic left a lot of people feeling lonely. Their social circles shrunk and their vibrant social lives stopped, making them feel caged. The desire to rebuild social bonds are now more intense than ever.


Hosting events is a powerful way to break the chains of loneliness and grow our businesses at the same time. By creating opportunities for people to come together, we can address the social void and tap into a valuable resource for business expansion.


How do we get started if we’ve never hosted an event before? What goes into the planning process of an event? Can it really be low to no cost?


In this episode, Mortgage Loan Advisor, Justeen Chromy joins me to discuss event strategy, how hosting events changed her business, and how she overcomes fear before hosting events.


If you haven’t gotten on the event train, now is the time. -Michael J Maher


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode


-Events as a growth strategy

What impact can hosting events have on our businesses?


-The value of partnerships

Why is it so important to have someone on your side that can make up for certain weaknesses and vice versa?


-Cost and sponsors for events

How can we use sponsors to offset our investment in an event? 


Guest Bio


Justeen Chromy is a Loan Originator and Mortgage Loan Advisor with Cardinal Financial. She has been a business owner throughout their life and aspires to share how she can assist individuals with their upcoming mortgage transactions.


Justeen's experience as a small business owner has honed her ability to comprehend the intricacies of a project, emphasizing meticulous attention to detail for optimal results. She recognizes the significance of customer service and the timeliness of communication, considering it essential for the success of any transaction.


Justeen's ultimate goal is to facilitate the achievement of your dream of homeownership, as she is a homeowner themselves and fully comprehends the importance of having a secure and personal space that truly belongs to you.



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Episode: 311

Title: Fill the Social Void & Grow Your Business: How to Host Your First Event  w/Justeen Chromy

Host: Michael J. Maher