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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Dec 12, 2023

From a brand, spanking new agent in a new town to getting all her deals from referrals. That’s what Aubrey Martin was able to pull off in just 1 year. Leveraging community connections and events is a powerful lead generation mechanism, and it all began with inviting local service providers to tea.


Real estate agents are the center of referrals in their town. When we show that we have a large capacity to help, our businesses can grow into something huge and impactful.


How did Aubrey create her own personal Yellow Pages for her community? What are simple steps we can take to jump onto the events train?


In this episode, the CEO of The Martin Family Real Estate Group, joins us to talk about how she hit the ground running in a new career and new city, and why events were a huge part of her success.


When I started real estate - a new career, I wanted to stick with these legs of lead gen that I thought I'd commit to and like. -Aubrey Martin


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


-A delightful system that creates opportunity

How can you make lead generation fun?


-Make it an easy ask 

How do you get sponsors to want to work with you and help out in your events?  


-Become your own Yellow Pages 

What’s the most powerful way we can add value to both consumers and service providers?


Guest Bio


Aubrey Martin is a speaker and the CEO of The Martin Family Real Estate Group. The secret of her success is using a lot of leverage and folding her children into the business. After moving to Portland, Aubrey is an expert on building a big business with no sphere. For more information, head to and


Episode: 319

Title: From Newbie to Well-Known: How to Make Money, Making Money By Serving Your Community w/Aubrey Martin

Host: Michael J. Maher