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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Jan 2, 2024

Another year, another collection of awesome, insightful, actionable conversations on referrals. 2023 taught us that the lead generation methods that were once tried and true don’t work anymore. 


People don’t want cold calls, they don’t want their doors knocked. They are craving the attention, connection and generosity of people who truly care. That’s where we can come in. When it comes to maximizing your referability, there are many pieces to the puzzle, and some of our favorite guest’s talked about them. 


Time mastery…we can’t connect and provide maximum value if it’s not in our schedule. The traditional idea of time blocking can feel suffocating, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be joyful. We can create schedules that allow us to hit our goals, connect with people and be the influential powerhouses we’re meant to be. 


Enjoy a masterful (and refreshing) lesson in time blocking with Karla Roberdeau and Neal Smith. 


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What do you do when your networking’s not working? You go back to the most important thing - meaningful one-one-one meetings. If we fill our schedules strategically and then do the homework of following up, we can build a solid network, one person at a time. 


In this “Networking Secrets Revealed”, Realtor Becky Davis talks about how she fills up her networking stack, and how networking propelled her business to new heights. 


In today’s world of artificial intelligence and superficial relationships - top of mind isn’t good enough. We need to be Top of Heart. Authentic human connection has never been more important, and we can be the ones to facilitate that. 


Top of heart is the mindset, skill set and heart set to build real true genuine human relationships. This is so important, so mission critical, you can’t do business without it. Grant Muller is so passionate about it, he wrote an incredible book. In this episode, he shares his incredible life story, and the new code for doing business today. 


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Every great thing we achieve begins as a dream. Why not create a system for your dreams so you can track, refine and align them with your spouse? 


That’s what Jeff Lutzinger did. Our biggest dreams will always feel unattainable, intimidating and too pie-in-the-sky until we actually get them out of our heads and onto paper. 


In this episode, SF Bay agent, Jeff Lutzinger shares how he created his dream sheet, and the impact it has had on him, his family and even his business.  


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Having a high level of competence solves all problems in business, especially how referable we are. No one hires an incompetent professional, let alone tells their friends and family about them. 


In our 3 Cs of Referability special - we dig into competence and why it’s mission critical. We also talk about how adding communication and character to this is a killer combo in business.


Episode: 322

Title: The Ridiculously Simple Recipe To Referability

Host: Michael J. Maher