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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Mar 26, 2024

An opportunity to delight people, connect and engage with your community. An effective source of leads and referrals. A powerful way to raise money for a worthy cause.


Events are all this and so much more…


But there’s something else events can do - they can create another stream of income. If you can set up an event so good and so special it’s worth paying for, you can very easily make a profit many times over.


Why is a charity component so powerful in an event? How do you build momentum and hype between events? In this episode, coach, trainer, lender and founder of NKS Financial, Neal Smith joins me to share the thought process behind and results of his dinner and wine event. 


You’ve got to have a charitable component to your business because it brings people in. It’s about “we”, not just the transaction. -Neal Smith  


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


-Uncaged and ready to engage 

How do we make sure we feed people’s need for events?


-3 ways to get referrals 

If we didn’t get any referrals or leads from an event, is there a way to generate them after?


-Not just another auction 

How do we make charity events memorable and unique?


Guest Bio

Neal Smith is a coach, trainer, lender and founder of NKS Financial. He has been serving the Sacramento area for 29 years as a Certified Mortgage Planner. He has a degree in Real Estate Finance and has worked as a loan officer since 1992. A proud graduate of Jesuit High School, Neal believes wholeheartedly in growing others, as well as sharing gratitude with his community. Through his speaking and coaching work with Michael Maher, Neal has helped others to thrive personally and professionally. NKS Financial also offers and supports numerous events and fundraisers each year in an effort to spread generosity within the community. For more information, head to


Episode: 334

Title: Forget Uber: The Best Side Hustle for Realtors and Lenders! w/Neal Smith

Host: Michael J. Maher