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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Apr 16, 2024

If we want a business that has raving fans and constant referrals, events are non-negotiable, but that’s only if you do the work after everyone goes home.


If you don’t have a follow-plan in place, all the hard work, value and momentum of the gathering goes down the drain. Many real estate professionals think they can get by on digital strategies alone, but the online stuff can’t work if we don’t invest in face-to-face interactions.


The truth is, we need to get people to an event to complete the cycle that kicks off when they see us online. Post-event follow up gives us a reason to have conversations, which leads to conversions and ultimately more contracts.


How do we use technology to maximize our post-referral momentum? In this episode, I’m joined by co-founder of Fox Homes and author of “Six Weeks to Real Estate Success”, Dustin Fox. He shares the follow up sequence that has generated $400 million in sales in just 3 years. 


The digital and video works because they feel like they’re getting to know you and it’s repeat exposure, but you still have to get them to an event. -Dustin Fox 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


-The power of an $8 Costco holiday throw 

Don’t underestimate the effect of a gift. How does one cozy and thoughtful item make us the first agent they want to call? 


-How to turn event excellence into digital domination 

What are some high-level, genius tech hacks Dustin and his team are using to get the most out of every client interaction at events?


-Hyper-local, micro-famous 

How do we use YouTube ads, Google reviews and other online tools to turn us into local celebrities people are clamoring to work with?


Guest Bio


Dustin Fox is the co-founder of Fox Homes and author of Six Weeks to Real Estate Success. Before venturing into real estate, Dustin Fox amassed 15 years of experience in big box retail management, including leadership roles at Bed Bath & Beyond and Pottery Barn. This background fostered an acute understanding of customer service, which he has seamlessly transferred into his real estate career. As a fifth-generation DC Metro area resident, Dustin offers more than just transactional know-how; he delivers a lifetime of community insight. Raised in Oakton, VA, Dustin combines small-town heart with big-city results in his real estate practice. Together with his high school sweetheart, Devon, Dustin co-founded Fox Homes. Their mission is clear: to provide an unparalleled real estate experience that blends remarkable results with genuine care. Dustin's philosophy is consistently people-first. Dustin leads the number one Google-reviewed team in the DC Metro area, boasting over 1,600 reviews. His team has already closed an astonishing $160 million in sales in 2023, with almost 250+ transactions year-to-date. These remarkable achievements have consistently landed him on Northern Virginia Magazine's and Washingtonian's Best Real Estate Agent lists from 2018 to 2023, as well as earned him the Best of Zillow status for exceptional performance and customer experience. Go to and follow @dustinmfox on Instagram. 


Episode: 337

Title: The $400 Million Follow Up: How to Maximize Your Post-Event Referrals w/Dustin Fox

Host: Michael J. Maher