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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

May 29, 2024

With the announcement of the $418 million NAR settlement proposal, panic and confusion have swept through the industry. Agents everywhere are questioning how these new rules will impact their ability to serve clients and sustain their businesses.

There’s no denying the feelings of pressure and uncertainty. Many agents believe that the NAR settlement will complicate their business, but what if it could actually be an opportunity to improve your practice and stand out in the market?

The good news is, you can adapt your buyer consultation process to thrive under the new regulations. This settlement might even be the best thing to happen to your real estate career. What strategies can help you stay ahead of the game?

In this episode, I talk to Christine Pandolf and Angela Gribbins, two seasoned real estate pros who reveal how they turned this crisis into a powerful opportunity. We talk about how the Buyer Agent Mastery (BAM) program takes control of their processes, educates their clients, and implements systems that help them succeed, no matter what.

This settlement is actually an opportunity for us. It's only going to raise our game. -Angela Gribbins


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  


-Turn Regulations into Opportunities
If your mindset shifts from panic to confidence, a crisis can become an opportunity. What actions can you take to boost your own real estate practice?

-The Crucial Role of Buyer Consultations
By mastering the buyer consultation process, you can protect your business and build client trust. Why is this step critical under the new NAR settlement, and how can it drive your success?

-Implementing Effective Systems
Top agents use proven strategies and systems to make sure they're successful in any market condition. In a world where regulations are constantly changing, how can these systems help you stay ahead?


Guest Bio

Christine Pandolf is a dynamic real estate agent with a strong background in marketing, boasting 25 years of experience in direct marketing, social media, and relationship marketing. Since transitioning to real estate, she has brought her marketing expertise to the Lake Norman area, quickly making a name for herself as a dedicated and innovative realtor. Her passion for continuous learning and improvement has led to significant success in her career, and she is committed to being a real estate consultant for life.

Angela Gribbins is a seasoned real estate professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. A North Carolina native, Angela has called the Denver, North Carolina area of Lake Norman home since 2001 and has been helping clients buy and sell homes there since 2002. In 2020, she became a certified referral trainer and began teaching the popular #30Mornings class, focusing on morning rituals and coaching the 7L system for the Generosity Generation. Angela's dedication to her clients and her continuous pursuit of excellence earned her the prestigious Big Heart award within the Gen Gen community.


Episode: 343

Title: The Perfect Response to the NAR Settlement: Expert Strategies Revealed w/ Christine Pandolf and Angela Gribbins

Host: Michael J. Maher