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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Apr 26, 2020

Episode: 106

Title: Daily Dose - Go From Victim to Victor

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guest: Nick Santonastasso 

Description: What does the mindset of a victor look like? Meet Nick Santonastasso! He shares with us today what it takes to be mentally tough and resilient in challenging times. He also shares:
• How the quality of your questions can improve your mindset
• The best comeback to criticism is laughter
• How to be like Yoda
• Ask yourself, “How bad do you want it”
• How appreciation can change your expectations
This is powerful episode full of great examples on how to be a leader and overcome adversity. Nick also shares a very recent personal story that is guaranteed to leave you in tears and with a whole new level of respect for him and his family.

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