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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Jun 17, 2020

Episode: 134

Title: One Really Powerful Strategy to Get Referrals 

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guests: Sean and Micah Abbananto

Description: Want to magically turn your sellers into stagers?  Want your listing pictures to be "next level" good?  Want your listings to show perfectly....whether in person or virtually?  Now you can!!  We can't wait for you to meet Sean and Micah Abbananto as they share the how to on all of this plus:  

*  Why balance and not decor is the key to selling homes faster
*  How does a buyer "feel" a house and why does it matter
*  How to create leverage that attracts sellers, creates clients, and gets homes sold fast
*  How to create your ideal customer experience that creates referrals

There is an art and science to getting a house market ready. Micah and Sean have figured out how to leverage this very personal experience AND make the listing agent look like a rock star in the process. Here’s a hint....don’t tell them to declutter....ask them to pre-pack! Adding this to your listing process will become an instant differentiator for you and will save you thousands per year on staging consultations. Wait until the end for a special offer.

(7L) Referral Strategies and Podcast Topics:

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