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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Jan 9, 2024

Here is part 2 of our Top 10 Episodes of 2023!  This episode focuses on the top 5.  Which episode will be the number on epiosde of 2023????  Listen on and find out!


Everybody loves summer…expect your business. When the temperatures warm up, your schedule starts competing with all the summer stuff going on. This is where a morning ritual comes in. No more mayhem in the AM, now you have infinite control over the morning, the whole day and the whole summer. You even have the discipline to hold an event.

#296: The 2 Critical Things you Must do for Yourself and Business this Summer


Most people think a robust database means more people, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whittling down the many to the essential, energy multiplying few - that’s how we truly get those solid connections.  Find out how going from almost 15,000 to 414 people can supercharge your database and ultimately your relationships and referrals.  Peek into a coaching session between Michael and Tania MacLeod.

#300: Building a Robust Referral Database - Episode 300 Celebration!


The first rule of throwing relationship-building, superfan-creating, referral-driving real estate events? Don’t talk about real estate…don’t call them client appreciation events. Rule #2: create a calendar of flagship events at the beginning of the year. Rule #3: don’t underestimate the power of an accidental small event.  Learn how Lindsay Rice generated a barrage of referrals and relationships by accident.

#309:  How to Grow Your Real Estate Business Without Talking About Real Estate with Lindsay Rice


Multiplying one happy client into a horde of happy clients, or SUPER fans, that’s the goal. Imagine having people who had such an amazing experience, they don’t just come back, they tell everyone about you. One simple system can boost your reputation and get people beating down doors to work with you.  Learn how to build your Build an Army of Ambassadors here.

#277:  Creating Super Fans:  How to Build an Army of Ambassadors with Brittany Hodak



At this very moment, there are profitable partnerships and referral-rich relationships sitting in your database, but how do you unlock them? We have just the strategy to start elevating those connections. In our 4-part Triangle of Trust series, we talk about Connecting with Connectors, the new ABC of Sales, and the powerful Spokes-to-Hubs strategy.

#295: The Triangle of Trust (part 4) - How to Get Referrals Today in This Market


Episode: 323

Title: How to Go From Under the Radar to Highly Referable

Host: Michael J. Maher