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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Apr 29, 2020

Do you believe in miracles? After hearing our guest today, Hal Elrod, you will. He survived a head on car crash when he was 20 years old and then beat cancer at 40 years old when given only a 10% chance. He went on to write the books "The Miracle Morning" and "Miracle Equation." He teaches us how he beat the odds TWICE...

Apr 27, 2020

Is it possible to program yourself for optimism? Can you re-program yourself for success? Our guest today, Ron Bergum thinks so! His Start Right and Finish Strong mentality has inspired many inside and out of the organizations he has lead. He also teaches us:

* What is bound-back-ability
* Who can get a mortgage right...

Apr 26, 2020

What does the mindset of a victor look like? Meet Nick Santonastasso! He shares with us today what it takes to be mentally tough and resilient in challenging times. He also shares:

• How the quality of your questions can improve your mindset
• The best comeback to criticism is laughter
• How to be like Yoda

Apr 23, 2020

What if you could get everything you wanted in life? Meet Tammy Ebright out of Kansas City, she’s our guest today and she will show you how to do just that and unleash your amazing life! She also shares with us:

* What are the 4 personality types
* How to identify which one you are
* How to communicate with all...

Apr 23, 2020

Ever wonder how visionaries get so much done? How do they do it? They have a #2 that specializes in implementation, that’s how! Meet Michael Maher’s Implementer.....Sheri Maher! She shares with us:

* Why the #2 is NOT an assistant
* What does a great #2 focus on
* What happens when the visionary and the implementer...