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Welcome to The Referrals Podcast with Michael J. Maher!

Aug 25, 2020

Episode: 142

Title: Retire Already! 

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guest: Dan Cuprill

Description: What do you need to do TODAY to ensure your retirement as a small business owner? Our guest today, Dan Cuprill, has several action items that you need to take right away! Dan is a Certified Financial Planner and wealth advisor...

Aug 19, 2020

Episode: 141

Title: Influencer Marketing 

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guest: Neal Schaffer

Description: “A good, consistent content maker” is how our guest today, Neal Schaffer, defines influencer marketing. Not what you were thinking, huh? Welcome to the digital age of 2020. As business owners we need to know how to be...

Aug 12, 2020

Episode: 140

Title: The 90 Day Marketing Plan 

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guest: Cody Butler

Description: What is the fastest way YOUR business can increase revenue in today’s current environment? We can’t wait for you to hear the answer from today’s guest, Cody Butler! He’s coming to us all the way from Australia...

Aug 5, 2020

Episode: 139

Title: Level Jumping 

Host: Michael J. Maher

Guest: Mike Simmons

Description: Don’t reinvent the wheel in your business! Learn from others and level jump! At least that’s the philosophy of our guest, Mike Simmons. He will share with us today how he grew his business in 12 months to over a Million...